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At Showplace Farms, swimming has played an important role in the rehabilitation of our canine clients for many years.

With this expertise and training . . . . Showplace Farms is pleased to offer Aquatic Conditioning for Canines at our state of the art facility in Millstone Twp., New Jersey. Under the supervision of our staff, Showplace will customize a swimming program specifically designed to meet the needs of your dog!

You'll quickly see why all breeds of dogs agree. . . Showplace is good Therapy.


  • Since swimming is a non-weight-bearing exercise, no stress is placed on individual joints, giving your dog an excellent aerobic workout without the pain they might otherwise experience.
  • Swimming exercises all the major muscle groups, strengthening those muscles and adding stability to the joints!
  • Greatly improves overall circulation while burning calories and is a proven cardiovascular workout.
  • Non-weight-bearing exercise gently and naturally realigns the spine and joints.
  • Improves flexibility and endurance!
  • Maximizes the natural healing process through improved circulation!
  • It's fun!  Since most dogs love to swim, you will notice marked improvement in their spirit while realizing the theraputic benefits.  Both you and your dog will look forward to your regular visits to Showplace!
  • Showplace Farms offers a 28 x 41 Swimming Pool (enclosed and heated for year round use)

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